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Gone For Good Announces ADA Compliance Across All Websites

Gone For Good Announces ADA Compliance Across All Websites


SeoSamba,  a provider of comprehensive, high-performance digital marketing solutions for small businesses, franchise brands, and multi-location companies announced this week that they had completed updates to the websites for the eco-friendly franchise brand Gone For Good, to bring them into full  WCAG compliance in accordance with the American Disabilities Act standards for the visually and hearing-impaired community. 


SeoSamba has delivered high-quality W3C compliant websites for years. However, to protect their clients from potential lawsuits, they have made building all new sites to be WCAG AA compliant, a standard practice. 


While there is not any federal law requiring WCAG compliance, companies must understand the importance of websites that are accessible for all consumers, including those who are vision impaired. Lawsuits are being filed against companies without ADA compliant websites every week.  The best way to avoid potential lawsuits is to ensure your website meets the ADA standards for WCAG compliance. 


To help businesses avoid potential lawsuits, SeoSamba officially announced they are extending an offer to any company in the U.S. and Europe for a full WCAG compliance audit, consulting, and expert resolution services, free of charge through August 2020. 


Small business owners who aren’t 100% sure their website meets the compliance guidelines, should contact SeoSamba right away. They will test your site for compliance at no charge, then provide you with an estimate for applying the updates to your website based on the results and discuss your options. CEO Michel Leconte notes that “The low fee we charge for this service is more than fair and certainly less expensive than a lawsuit.” 


About Gone For Good 

Gone are the days of sheepishly overfilling the alley’s dumpster. Gone are the days of your junk becoming another notch in a landfill’s belt. Do you have junk or furniture sitting inside of your home, garage, or shed that you don’t need anymore? With a simple call, your unwanted stuff can be a distant memory, while not becoming a lasting memory in the environment. We strive to give our customers a hassle-free experience for all of their hauling, junk, and waste removal needs.


Reduce... Resell... Recycle...


For more information about Gone For Good, Franchising opportunities email or call (720) 594-2292

About SeoSamba

Since 2008, SeoSamba has been building SEO optimized websites for small businesses, multi-location companies, and franchise brands, worldwide. They have perfected multi-site marketing automation technology through their hybrid, open-source, Marketing Operating System software platform, and full Content Management System (CMS) with its own built-in Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Cloud Edition to build and market landing pages, corporate directories, and e-commerce websites.


For more information about SeoSamba's services, visit, contact or call + 1 (877) 450-9894 in the U.S., or + (33) 675-6376 in Europe.

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